15 October 2006


Iowa City is a most pleasant place. Really. Home to the University of Iowa, its intelligence is in evidence everywhere.  The University boasts the largest teaching hospital in the United States. There is wonderful original art in all of the State facilities, including the University properties.  Downtown offers artsy amenities in view of the state capitol's shining golden dome. 

Today we drove to a University park, the Macbride Nature Recreation Area, which hosts a raptor safe habitat for injured birds which cannot survive in the wild.

Here is Spirit, a bald eagle, who has been there for 16 years. She was found in Minnesota. Her house is cozy, with a great view.

A Saw whet owl was a resident, too, the cutest thing I've ever seen. Several hawks, other owls, including a bard owl named Cyprus, have separate cabins. Even blind birds live there. All have benefactor people or institutions.  The Macbride Raptor Project was founded in 1985 under the joint auspices of Kirkwood Community College and the University of Iowa.